Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Introducing Intensity

I think we can all agree that Intensity is important, unless you don't think results are important.  The question is how and when we should introduce it? Especially in the case of young athletes, or in my opinion, anyone who is looking for longevity in their sport or personal fitness journey.  CrossFit has always had it right.  Even as far back as my level 1 coaching class.  "Mechanics, Consistency, & Intensity." This has always been the intent, the problem is that people often skip or rush step 1 & step 2 in order to jump to step 3.  You can't blame CrossFit for this (even though uneducated people do).  This mindset is primarily the fault of the faux coach or the stubborn individual athlete who wants to keep up with the Instagram world because they actually don't care about fitness.  As coaches and as athletes we have got to be relentless in our pursuit of steps 1 and 2.  First, we must move well and hit the proper ROM and the positions needed to efficiently and safely execute the movement(s).  Second, we have to move well on every rep (the last rep should look the first) and under fatigue and  under increasing loads.  Most of us will stop here for a really long time, but once we have mastered the mechanics (remember actual mastery takes time), and once we have mastered the ability to move well consistently under changing variables, then we can introduce intensity.  Yes, intensity is the key, but longevity is the car that drives us into a lifetime of fitness and not just for the next few years.  That is the whole point of this thing right?

M- Mechanics
C- Consistency
I- Intensity