Thursday, April 26, 2018

Varsity Letters in CrossFit

The Sport of Fitness!  In an earlier post, I gave several reasons why CrossFit should be considered a sport based on the definition of sport.  While in high school, students can letter in everything from Football to Drama and a whole host of activities. Naturally, I thought it was reasonable to give students an opportunity to earn a Varsity Letter in CrossFit. 
The 2018 Open season was our competitive season this year.  In addition to extra workouts and training outside of school with our partners in the CrossFit community, these students worked so very hard and can truly be referred to as "athletes." These students earned the first ever Varsity letters for CrossFit out our school.  So proud of them! Not all students earning a letter are pictured here, but we had 16 students earn their letter this year.  Congrats to this inaugural group.