Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Biased Programming?

The longer I coach and program workouts for my students, the more I become keenly aware of my need to evaluate my programming for biases, holes, weaknesses, etc.  It is so easy to fall into a routine, especially when you have limited equipment available.  An invaluable tool has been the "Programming Analysis Worksheets" found in the L2 Training manual.  In my L2 course we used these to evaluate 9 days worth of programming and then program the next 3 workouts based on any deficiencies you might find in the initial programming set.  You can easily convert these worksheets to a spreadsheet file so that you can continual evaluate your programming and keep running tallies of the various programming parameters.  Remember when programming your workouts to stick with what works.  "Intensity is king" and "keep it simple stupid" are accurate when it comes to effective programming.  Use the following checklist and the Programming Analysis Worksheets to keep yourself on Track.  You can still come up with endless combinations of effective workouts if you spend most of your time emphasizing these points. Thanks to the L2 staff and CrossFit Training for reminding us not to over-complicate things.

  • Couplets and Triplets 
  • Complimentary Movements (push/pull)
  • 10-15 minute Time Domain
  • Don't avoid Heavy Days (we have to get creative with Sandbags and Tires since we don't have barbells and bumper plates).
  • Task Priority 
  • Full Body 
  • High Power Output movements