Saturday, July 30, 2022

Never Stop Improving

I am 45 years old now, it would be an easier road for me to just be satisfied with my present level of knowledge and ability. Easier to settle in to what I already know, because that is what would have been most comfortable. I am not wired that way and I can't stand in stagnant water.  I knew I was approaching the expiration date on my CrossFit L2, it would have been an easier road to just renew my CF-L2. Easy isn't interesting though and I decided to go for my Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT) and my CrossFit L3 designation.  I needed at least 750 hours to even qualify to sit for the exam.  After almost of 6 years of coaching CrossFit, I realized that I had the hours under my belt (I had probably close to 1,500 hours under my belt).  The next obstacle was digesting and applying the material that is detailed at and I must say that it was quite extensive.  Once I was approved to take the exam, the real work began.  I am happy to report that yesterday I passed the exam, it was definitely intense, but the journey to self improvement is worth it.