Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Being Creative

If you have followed this blog at all, you have probably seen a post or two about our equipment needs.  We are a non-profit school CrossFit Affiliate, we do not have a weight room, we have no athletic facility, and we only get the gym two days per week.  We have to be creative, we have to take advantage of working out outdoors, and we have to look at unique ways to build and utilize equipment.  Sandbags, recycled tires, pull-up bars welding to old storage units, you name it we have done it over the last couple of years.  Recently, I went to a home supply store and bought some cheap wheelbarrows ($39/each).  We drilled a hole in the front, put in an eye bolt, and hooked up some rope with a carbiner.  We through our sandbags in them for some weight, and in the end we had some nice sleds for the students to do sled pulls outside. This is what I love about CrossFit, you can get creative and still get a tremendous workout. The students loved our new sleds.