Monday, September 26, 2016

Vision CrossFit gets expert coaching at Snake River CrossFit

Today several of my students had the opportunity to work out at one of the Northwest's premier CrossFit boxes, Snake River CrossFit in Nampa.  Students had the opportunity to get their hands on a barbell, do some skill work, and get in an amazing metcon.  I am so grateful to the coaches at Snake River for offering up their time and their facility to help foster the development of my athletes.  We also got to leave with some much needed tires for some tire flips next week.

One thing became quickly apparent during our visit today is that we definitely need some more equipment at Vision CrossFit (check earlier post for some of our equipment needs).  Students worked on Sumo deadlifts and then did a 12 minute AMRAP of  9 push presses, 12 toes to bar, and 15 box jumps.  They did an amazing job and were all smiles afterwards. I am continually amazed by the CrossFit community and their willingness to share their passion for fitness.  I believe these students will be changed forever.